Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to get started on your journey towards an ‘A’ but have a few more questions? Here are a couple of answers to the questions that we frequently receive.

Signing up

Is online tuition effective?

In a word, yes. Online tuition doesn’t work for all subjects, but it works especially well for GP. 

TKL has been offering online-only tuition for nearly 2 years now and our students have nothing but praise for the online tutoring model.

Our track record speaks for itself. 65% As and 80% As and Bs for our 2016 cohort of A’ Level students.

More importantly, online tuition allows you to be connected to the best tutors in the world. Our tutors are pursuing or hold degrees from world leading universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and the LSE. Some of our tutors are currently working in the legal sector, and most have extensive experience in debate.

Why is TKL's tuition so cheap?

The lack of a physical classroom or lecture hall in a prime location translates to minimal overhead costs. The usage of state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate teaching also minimizes the cost of tuition. The fact that our tutors don’t have to travel for hours just to reach you also means our tutors spend more time tutoring and less time on the road.

Our cost savings are passed onto you. That’s why we’re able to offer group tuition for just $30/hour.

How do I sign up for a class?

To sign up for a group class, please view our class schedule here.

To request for private tuition, please make an enquiry here.

We regret to inform you that our Head Start classes are currently full. However, high-ability students are welcome to join our regular lessons at any time.

What happens after I sign up?

We will first send you a confirmation email and reserve your spot in the class. Your tutor will reach out to you personally within a few days.

You will be charged a $240 refundable deposit immediately upon signup. You will be billed for your tuition sessions 1 week before the start of your tuition.

When will my card be charged?

If you are paying by card for your lessons, your credit card will be automatically charged every four weeks. No action is required on your part.

You will receive a system generated email as well as a text message whenever your credit card is charged.

What happens during a free consultation?

Instead of holding trial lessons for prospective students, we offer free consultations for all students who are seeking salvation in their journey for knowledge.

During a free consultation, a tutor from TKL will personally tutor you for about 30 minutes. You will receive 1:1 personalized attention. During the consult, you will be provided quick assessments on your ability and tips on how to improve your GP skills.

We will also share more about TKL and guide you through the sign-up process should you be interested.

How much is each lesson?

Group Tuition: Group lessons are S$240 for 4 lessons. Each lesson is 2 hours long.

Private Tuition: Private lessons range from $80/hour to $120/hour. 


Where are lessons held?

Online, via Skype, in the comfort of your own home. Or at summer boarding school. Or when you’re back home in sub-urban Shenzhen for winter.

We’re ready to teach wherever there’s internet and Skype. The power of online-tutoring allows us to engage you whenever and wherever you are.

Who will be my tutor?

You will be attached to a tutor upon signing up. All of our tutors are extremely qualified and must have a stellar track record prior to joining The Knowledge Loft.

Our tutors are pursuing or hold degrees from world leading universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and the LSE. Some of our tutors are currently working in the legal sector, and most have extensive experience in debate.

What experience will my tutor have?

Our tutors have worked in global industries and are currently studying or have studied at leading universities around the world such as UCL, LSE, Cambridge and Oxford.

They must also have extensive experience tutoring students in the General Paper prior to joining the loft.

More importantly, all of them are dedicated to their students. They are passionate about grooming and mentoring a generation of critical thinkers and eloquent speakers.

How will my homework be marked?

Yes. All assignments are to be completed online (via Google Docs) and will always be marked prior to the upcoming lesson.

Walk into class with the expectation of a relatively heavy workload.

What happens if a student cannot attend a class?

Group Tuition: If you have notified your tutor of your absence at least a week in advance, we may be able to place you into another class. Otherwise, your tutor will record the lesson and you may go through it on your own time.

Private Tuition: Your tutor will arrange a makeup lesson with you accordingly.

Will I be guaranteed an A or a B?

No. Any tutor or tuition provider promising you an A or a B grade should never be taken seriously. 

An ‘A’ grade student must be able to work the English languagewith ease and flair, like how a Roman warrior is able to yield a sword with passion and zest. Ze (He/She) must be passionate in his/her writing. And ze must possess the ability to think critically and articulate his opinions in ink well.

With that in mind, the majority (read: all) of our students achieve at least 2 grade jumps during their A’ level examinations. 

What will be covered during tuition?

Essentially, we’ll cover everything required for the A’ Level Examinations and more. Expect to journey through the philosophical ideas of Bentham and Locke while savoring the ethical dilemmas of sport. We will take a dive through the role of the media and examine the fundamentals of democracy.

So the better question to ask should be: what will not be covered during tuition?

Are there any mock exams?

Yes. We have mock exams once every 2 months.

How many students are there per class?

Group: Up to 4.

Private: 1.

Does TKL spot questions?

No, but we will recommend certain topics to study and focus on prior to the A’ Level Examinations.

We expect to be able to prepare you for any topic that appears during the A’ Level Examinations.

Are TKL tutors registered with the MOE?

TKL is an online education platform that bridges prospective students with esteemed tutors from around the globe. We assist tutors in organizing classes and provide them with materials to assist them with their teaching. We have a comprehensive vetting procedure and set rigorous standards to ensure that tutors meet or exceed student expectations.

Note that our tutors may not be registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore as they:

  1. May not reside in Singapore, and as such, are not subject to Singapore’s education laws and regulations.
  2. May not be tutoring more than 10 Singapore students, and as such, are not required to register with the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Our tutors are leading educators in the General Paper, and have studied or are currently studying in top universities around the world or have extensive experience in global industries. All of our tutors have a wealth of experience with students, and are extremely passionate about grooming the next generation of thinkers.