Calm down. It’s all going to be okay. The cards will naturally fall into place. Just give it your best!


One Last Week

At the Loft, our students are preparing for their flight. After hours upon hours of lessons, after checking through dozens upon dozens of essays, it’s time for them to grab their pens. Today, we sent this email to all of our students in an effort to help them manage their nerves.

Dear students,

Today marks the final lesson for the majority of you guys (except for those who have requested for additional support next week). As the examination date draws ever closer, we think that it’s a good time to take a breather. Look at what you have all accomplished over the course of the past two years. Whatever happens next week, know that you have put in your best.

As of today, you have: left. Yes, the pressure is starting to build. But diamonds are forged in the most extreme of pressures. You aren’t hanging off the edge of the cliff, you are getting ready to propel yourself into a magnificent future.

For those of you all who are applying to universities in the UK or the US, we know that this is an extremely stressful period for you guys. Early decision applications are due in a few days, and Oxford interviews are in a month. Remember, however, that the university you attend does not, and will not, determine how successful you are, or will be.

As we all gather to make that one last sprint, take some time to smell the flowers. Taste the coffee the next time you are studying at your neighborhood coffeehouse. This is just one examination. An examination doesn’t determine the trajectory of your future.

It is just a pitstop.

So just give it your best, and the cards will naturally fall into place.

And with that, may the force be with you. Ganbatte!

All the best,
From all of your tutors at the Loft

P.S. Remove all highlighters / correction fluid bottles / correction tapes from your pencil case.
P.P.S. Use a transparent pencil case.
P.P.P.S. Remember to empty your pencil case of all slips of paper but your entry proof. Remember to bring along your identity card as well!
P.P.P.P.S. Do not forget to wake up on time for the paper. A blast message will be sent from TKL to all of our students an hour before the paper. Your tutors will Whatsapp you as well. Please do not forget to take the paper.