GP Tuition

The Knowledge Loft was birthed from the many years of teaching experience that Irwin has in teaching GP tuition to JC students. Here’s some information about Irwin’s academic and professional background in teaching GP tuition for more than 10 years:

Academic Qualifications

  • Master’s degree from Oxford University (with Distinction)
  • Bachelor’s degree from London School of Economics (with 1st Class Honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education, NIE, (with Distinction)
  • Studied in Raffles Institution (RI) & Raffles Junior College (RJC)
  • Scored straight As for both the ‘O’-levels & ‘A’-levels exams

Teaching Experience & Track Record

  • Former MOE JC teacher & lecturer
  • Lectured in National Technological University (NTU), UniSIM and Ngee Ann Polytechnic as an Adjunct Lecturer in courses such as Critical Thinking and Written Communication
  • Established Irwin’s Study and taught GP as a private tutor since 2009
  • Has helped over 1,000 JC students score well in their GCE A-level GP exams
  • More than 80% of his students score an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade in the final GP A-Level exams

Unique Features of Irwin’s GP Tuition Lessons

  • Known as ‘The GP Expert’ among his students and their parents
  • His teaching philosophy is based upon W.B. Yeats’ maxim that “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
  • His GP lessons teach not just the content and skills required for scoring well in the GP exams, but also aim to inspire the hearts and minds of students to be curious, excited, and informed about issues happening in the world around them
  • As someone who reads widely (Irwin has more than 1,000 books in his home library!) and has many passions across different disciplines (Irwin has audited courses in Law, Philosophy, History, Theology, Literature, Psychology, International Relations, Mathematics & Sociology), Irwin is able to bring his polymath knowledge to engage students in myriad issues and themes that shape the modern world we live in
  • This in turn benefits his GP tuition students greatly in their understanding and appreciation of concepts in GP, which students thoroughly enjoy and do not get elsewhere in other classes

Contributions to Society

  • Irwin strongly believes in giving back to society, and using all his talents & resources to help those who need some assistance in their lives
  • Partners with MENDAKI to provide free GP tuition to students who come from lower-income family backgrounds
  • Chairs an Advisory Committee in Singapore Cancer Society that provides learning support for the children of those stricken with cancer
  • Featured in The New Paper in 2012 for his philanthropic acts


To find out more about the GP tuition classes that Irwin teaches, do visit General Paper Tuition

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