1. Urban issues: Bangkok experiencing unhealthy levels of haze.

“Reasons for the persistent smog include combustion exhaust from Bangkok’s traffic-strewn roads, the burning of fields from farmers outside the city, and pollutants from factories.

Public discontent has surfaced on Thai social media and television, with pollution-related hashtags trending and TV hosts advising viewers on the types of face masks they should wear.

Air Visual, an independent online air quality index (AQI) monitor, pegged Bangkok at “unhealthy” levels measuring 156 AQI on Monday – though numbers have often crept higher in the last two months.

But the Pollution Department played down the dangers of the persistent haze, which the government judges using a different set of measurements to see the concentration of harmful microscopic particles known as PM2.5.”

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  1. Ideal diet: An ambitious attempt to recommend a healthy diet for the good of people and Earth’s health.

“If the world followed the “Planetary Health” diet, the researchers said, more than 11 million premature deaths could be prevented each year, while greenhouse gas emissions would be cut and more land, water and biodiversity would be preserved.

“The food we eat and how we produce it determines the health of people and the planet, and we are currently getting this seriously wrong,” said Tim Lang, a professor at Britain’s University of London who co-led the research.

Feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy, sustainable diet will be impossible without transforming eating habits, improving food production and reducing food waste, he said. “We need a significant overhaul, changing the global food system on a scale not seen before.””

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  1. Internal Security Act: Internal Security Department takes concrete action against people who hold radicalised views to safeguard national security and peace.

“Murad’s student, Razali Abas, was arrested under the ISA last September after he was found to hold radical views on the use of armed violence against the perceived enemies of Islam, MHA said.

The 56-year-old technician was issued with a restriction order a month later to “prevent him from continuing his downward spiral into extremism”, MHA added.

Razali was introduced to Murad some time in 2012 before he began attending the latter’s classes.

“The exclusivist religious teachings he imbibed from the classes rendered him susceptible to the more radical and violent influences he later encountered on social media,” MHA said.

“Over time, Razali became convinced that it was legitimate to kill those he felt were oppressors of Islam, including non-Muslims and Shi’ites.”

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Picture credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/P6BxykAOnUA