1. Brexit Debate: UK lawmakers reject third agreement to withdraw smoothly from the European Union

Lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal for a third time on Friday (March 29), sounding its probable death knell and leaving Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union in turmoil on the very day it was supposed to quit the bloc.

The decision to reject a stripped-down version of Ms May’s divorce deal has left it totally unclear how, when or even whether Britain will leave the EU, and plunges the three-year Brexit crisis to a deeper level of uncertainty.”

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  1. Transport: Officials are implementing public transit projects to ease Jakarta’s traffic congestion problems.

“The public transit projects are part of a sweeping infrastructure push that Widodo hopes will boost the fortunes of Southeast Asia’s biggest economy – and get him re-elected in national elections next month.

Over the past decade, rising incomes in the country of 260 million have created a ballooning middle class and sent vehicle ownership soaring.

But that’s also brought hazardous air pollution and annual economic losses that run into the billions as cars crawl along the capital’s roadways in the steamy tropical heat — alongside an underused bus system.

Environmentalists hope that the new line will cut traffic-linked carbon emissions by about half.

It could also make a dent in annual economic losses of some 65 trillion Rupiah (US$4.6 billion) linked to road congestion, according to government figures.

Transport analysts, however, have cautioned that the new line and cheap prices won’t cure the traffic woes of a city infatuated with private vehicles and with few decent sidewalks.”

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  1. US-China Trade Talks: US and China meet to resolve trade conflict which has affected the global economy.

The United States and China open the latest round of their trade talks Thursday (Mar 28) as the economic superpowers edge towards a deal to resolve a months-long spat that has rattled the global economy.

The two sides have slapped tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods since last year, hitting a slew of businesses ranging from manufacturers to farmers in both countries, with knock-on effects for other economies.”

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