1. Trade war: Companies may be taking their businesses away from China and U.S. due to the non-tariff barriers imposed.

“The impact of the US-China trade war is spurring foreign and Chinese firms to consider moving parts of their supply chains out of both the US and China over the longer term and delaying or cancelling investment in both countries, a new survey by an American business group has found.

The firms surveyed, which included Chinese and foreign businesses, said they believed the trade war would last longer than a year, according to a white paper on the business environment in China released on Monday by the American Chamber of Commerce for South China.

Countries in Southeast Asian are the primary alternative locations for firms planning a relocation of all or parts of their supply chains.”

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  1. Society: Singapore is ranked the seventh most generous country in the world

“In Singapore, about 1,000 people were interviewed in person last year and asked if they had helped a stranger, donated money to a charity or volunteered in the past month.

Two in three (67 per cent) polled here had helped a stranger, while almost four in 10 had volunteered. Almost six in 10 had donated money.

Singapore’s move to the top 10 comes after dismal showings in the past five years in the annual rankings. In 2013, it was ranked 64, and last year, the Republic came in 30th.

A spokesman for the foundation said: “The improved score has been driven by increases in volunteering and helping a stranger, which may be a result of a number of schemes to increase volunteering over recent years in the country.””

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  1. Ride sharing: Effects of LTA regulations on bike-sharing start to kick in  

“Existing operators we spoke with had mixed reactions to the impact of the new regime on their bottom line.

Ofo raised prices this month, less than two weeks after it was granted its licence – in a move that Ms Neo said was prompted by licensing costs.

Bicycle-sharing operators that are awarded a full licence have to pay S$60 for each bicycle in their fleet.

“The increase in ofo’s pricing as a result of the licensing cost is a reflection of our commitment to be sustainable in Singapore and to continue providing efficient and convenient short-distance mode of transportation to our users,” said Ms Neo.

But Mobike said the new regulations could lead to savings in the long run.”

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