1. UNSDG’s progress: Not addressing the obesity problem may result in falling short of Sustainable Development Goal 3: “Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”.

“Continuing to place the blame on the individual is neither fair nor accurate, and as a society we need to face up to the fact that, until we recognize obesity as a disease that requires both personal and societal action, we are going to see increasing numbers of people living with and dying from NCDs – moving us further and further away from achieving the SDGs.

Obesity is a complex and progressive disease brought on by multiple factors, including physiological, psychological, genetic, environmental and socioeconomic issues.”

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  1. Inequality: Singapore ranked low on Oxfam’s index for efforts in reducing inequality.

“Singapore ranked 149 in an Oxfam index of 157 countries based on efforts to tackle the gap between the rich and poor.”

“Singapore’s low score is also due to a relatively low level of public social spending, Oxfam said, adding that only 39 per cent of the national budget goes to education, health and social protection.”

“Responding to the report, Singapore’s Social and Family Development Minister Desmond Lee said that while the country’s tax rate is low, Singaporeans benefit “more than proportionally from the high quality of infrastructure and social support the state provides”.”

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  1. Technology: Grab and Microsoft to partner and develop more AI capabilities

“Grab will work with Microsoft to explore mobile facial recognition, image recognition and computer vision technologies to improve the pick-up experience, the companies said in a statement on Tuesday (Oct 9).  For example, passengers will be able to take a photo of their current location and have it translated into an actual address for the driver.

Other areas of the five year-agreement include Grab adopting Microsoft’s Azure as its preferred cloud platform and using it for data analytics and fraud detection services.”

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