Any observer of human development would notice that, until relatively recent times, people on the whole lived as their forefathers did. But that is no longer the case. Now, the populations of developed countries face countless choices in the things they consume, the lifestyles they follow, and with that, the ideals of health they believe in. Living is an art, they all proclaim; even medical science can afford an inspired makeover.

If there were an organisation called Healthaholics Anonymous, it would probably be immensely popular. A growing number of people are becoming more concerned about their health; they are becoming obsessed with it. These people are not just interested in exploring specific health strategies — they are “into” them. They are “into” macrobiotics, “into” massage or “into” yoga. Such people can become neurotic or needy kneaders and being “into” yogic postures can create special problems, because it may be difficult to get out of them.

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