Just in time for Valentine’s Day, some recent, highly-publicized non-fiction debuts are sure to get you
in the mood for romance. Staying True by Jenny Sanford, chronicles the very public breakdown of her marriage to South Carolina governor Mark Sanford who was not hiking on the Appalachian Trail after
all. Marry Him by Lori Gottlieb, the subtitle of which – the case for Settling for Mr Good Enough – says
it all. It accuses you of being too picky and urges you to snap up that guy who is an 8 rather than 5 waiting for the 10. And The Politician, Andrew Young’s new, explosive tell-all about John Edwards, details his infidelity and exposes, for our lurid delectation, the operatic fights and the second family he started.

But in their own dramatic and overblown ways, these books speak a quieter, less dramatic truth: marriage is not what we think it is, and it is not easy. Plenty of marriages are not doing well. Why? 10 Much ink has been spilled and much breath has been spent analysing the problem. In addition, many workshop fees have been forked over in the interest of understanding what has gone wrong with marriages and how to improve them to make them more satisfying, equitable, sexually exciting, emotionally healthy, nurturing and harmonious. Saving marriages is a multi-million dollar industry and many of us know from first-hand experience, that it can work. Marriages – some of them – can be 15 saved.

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