Mei Zeng’s Story

Mei Zeng was a student with The Knowledge Loft toward the end of her JC 1 career. Having always struggled with English, GP posed an additional challenge for her when she entered JC. When Mei Zeng enrolled in the loft’s private classes, her grade for GP was a sub-pass.

Knowing that she had quite a bit of work cut out for her, Mei Zeng elected to continue with the loft’s classes when she was back in Shenzhen during the school holidays. She amped up her weekly lessons to bi-weekly lessons with her tutor,¬†communicating and learning from her tutor, who was based in the United Kingdom, through Skype and the loft’s proprietary online portal.

Her tutor customized a tailored learning plan for Mei Zeng, and she saw marked improvement by the time she took her first common test. Mei Zeng proudly graduated the loft in 2016, earning an ‘A’ grade for her A’ Level General Paper examinations.

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Andrew’s Story

Andrew joined The Knowledge Loft while preparing for his A’ Level examinations. Despite much practice, he couldn’t quite nail the General Paper. When Andrew first enrolled in the loft’s private classes, his grade for GP was a D. This is the second time that Andrew is taking his A’ Level examinations.

It took only the first lesson for Andrew to realize his mistakes. His tutor crafted a bespoke learning plan for him, tailoring his education to his weaknesses and strengths. Weekly current affairs packages were condensed for him to help him widen his perspective on the world. His tutor also put together numerous distinctive debate sessions to help him improve his argumentative skills.

Within 4 months, Andrew went from being a D grade student to being a B grade student. He graduated from the loft in 2017, and now plans to read political science at Sciences Po, a world-class institution in France.

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The aforementioned stories are genuine student experiences. Names and images have been altered to ensure the privacy of our students.

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