In line with our government’s efforts to combat Covid-19, Irwin’s Study will be moving all our GP tuition lessons online for this period. This is to ensure that the learning of our students is not disrupted and that we can continue to instruct and mentor them in this challenging time.

While our lessons will be going online, we want to ensure all existing and potential students that the quality of our teaching and the effectiveness of our lessons remain uncompromised. In fact, we aim to make our GP lessons even more amazing than ever by harnessing the power of technology to enhance our teaching!

At the same time, we will be offering our online classes to students at reduced fees so as to help families who may be experiencing financial uncertainties currently. We see this as Irwin’s Study playing our small part in helping society at a time of need.

So, if you’re interested to join us on this journey of online lessons,

Do contact us at 98-333-156 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Learning never stops!

Free weekly notes for General Paper (GP) tuition

At The Knowledge Loft, we understand that students rarely have time to read the daily newspapers or weekly journals in the midst of their busy schedules, so we create and curate weekly reading material specially designed to help students for General Paper (GP).

These Weekly Reads and Topics in Focus capture each week's top news, current affairs and social issues in easy-to-understand formats. Written by experienced educators, they help students to build up their Content Knowledge, Language Skills and Critical Thinking abilities for GP and beyond!

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