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Learning GP with Us

At The Knowledge Loft, our rigorous and challenging syllabus accommodates and enriches all types of students. Here, we provide you a quick insight into what 10 months (42 weeks) of GP tuition with us looks like.

4 Classes: Question Analysis and Selection

Your Paper 1 requires you to answer 1 out of 12 questions on issues drawn from across numerous disciplines. One cannot emphasize the importance of the essay in the A’ Level General Paper Examinations. The essay is usually the determiner in a student’s grade. Whether you score an A or a B will be hugely dependent on your essay writing abilities.

Picking a question to answer is just as, if not more important, than writing the essay itself. Through these classes, we will examine the various types of essay questions, common potholes for the various questions as well as question selection techniques.

4 Classes: Debates

At TKL, we are Paper 1 heavy. This means that we spend the majority of our time on the Paper 1 with our students. Through interactive and engaging debate sessions, our students will learn to develop their argumentative abilities.

Sample debate motions in the past include:

  • This house believes that climate-control policies cannot depend on carbon capture and storage.
  • This house believes that subsidizing renewable energy is a good way to wean the world off fossil fuels.
8 Classes: Argumentation Skills

The ability to develop well substantiated, cogent and coherent arguments is of paramount importance in the General Paper examination. If you are not able to formulate cogent substantives, you will be putting yourself at a severe disadvantage as this skill is required in both Papers 1 and 2.

At The Knowledge Loft, our GP tutors will run through key aspects of an argument. We will examine the various types of arguments one can utilize to support one’s case. We will also teach you how to develop coherent and persuasive arguments so that you are able to tackle any topic that appears in your examination.

10 Classes: Content Mastery

Anybody who has taken the GP examinations will tell you how important it is to understand what is going on in the world around you. At TKL, we take a more nuanced approach towards content mastery. We believe that each student should have his/her own specialist topics that he/she is comfortable with.

For example, we would never ask a student who isn’t interested in sports to memorize a 30-page primer on the philosophy and evolution of sports. We find that counter-productive and counter-intuitive.

Instead, we will focus on up to 5 key topics of interest for the student and develop the student’s content mastery in these five topics. Our GP tutors will provide clear and concise notes for our students to excel on their own terms.

4 Classes: Passage Analysis

The key to scoring well for your comprehension isn’t practice – it’s understanding. Through these classes, our GP tutors teach you to not just read, but read intuitively and intelligently. We help you see through the lens of Cambridge and the MOE so that you know what to look out for when reading a comprehension passage.

4 Classes: Comprehension Skills

Many teachers seem to think that there’s only one way to improve your comprehension skills – to read. While we do not discount the importance of reading, we believe that there is a much faster, and significantly more efficient way to help you with your comprehension skills.

Our GP curriculum includes a comprehension skills package – an entire month dedicated to picking apart comprehension questions and understanding how to answer these questions.

4 Classes: Summary Techniques

How do you paraphrase the author’s thoughts? Which point is relevant to the question? At TKL, we consider the summary section to be a giveaway. It should be a student’s paradise. However, more often than not, it ends up weighing down even the best of students.

Through these classes, our GP tutors will help you break away from what we affectionately term as the mark-deficiency-syndrome. We will supercharge your GP grade by imparting sure-fire skills on how to score well on the summary section of your GP examinations.

4 Classes: AQ Techniques

The skills required for the AQ are virtually identical to those required for the Paper 1. At TKL, our GP tutors would have already spent a disproportionate amount of time on your argumentative skills. Therefore, we do not spend nearly as much time on the AQ.

Through these classes, we will focus on how to best structure our AQ answer to maximize the impact of our substantives. We will also examine common pitfalls in the AQ and help you overcome them.

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